Write or Wrong

Write or Wrong

Our handwriting is just as unique as our finger prints. Handwritten letters retrieved from crime scenes can be sent to a graphologist, who can build a profile of the criminal and distinguish between a real or a hoax letter.

Hold on a minute! So something as simple as our handwriting can give insight into our personality and help predict whether we are more susceptible to a crime or not?
You bet!

Graphology is a study that aims at identifying human traits by analysis of one’s writing. The qualities of a person, such as likes, dislike and fears, can be gauged by the strokes and patterns revealed by their writing.

The physical act of writing with a pen and paper engages our brain in more ways than we may realize. From improvement of memory, as you jot down notes, to journaling your way to better health but most of us stop there; we don’t delve further. 

If studied with much precision – slants, angles, spacing and instrument pressure can unleash a whole another truth under magnification. The graphologist overlooks what’s written, while solely tunneling vision towards how it is handwritten and attaches it to psychological interpretations. We may be deceived by looks and talk sometimes but it’s not easy for the handwriting to lie. Even in cases where someone might try to switch up their handwriting and attempt to write in a different way, to a true graphologist, it’s visible.

I, once, had a graphologist study my writing and though he was spot on about his analysis, it seemed to pertain mostly to my state of mind at that very moment as I was rather agitated then and his readings concluded the same. Which brings me to my next question. Does our handwriting change with age? As, obviously, our mindset changes with maturity.

Absolutely! It’s as simple as referring to your diaries from the past and you will notice the meticulous tiny letters transition to bigger, sloppier ones. It could be as simple as us letting the letters go or something more significant like a developing personality.

The literature is currently divided on graphology as a science. While we wait for science to figure it out, we can always have our fun with letters as we try to interpret the true personality of individuals. In the mean time, try not to be too hard on your children when it comes to handwriting. It’s mostly in professions that require the most writing, that we tend to get sloppier and lower the bar a bit. No matter how polished our training was, we always end up doing things differently as adults. That does not go on to say that children should not be encouraged to enhance their handwriting skills but the key is in the nudge, not in the push!


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